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3 Significant Things To Know Before Using Smart Beauty Black Hair Dye

Girl Beautiful and Pretty with black hair. smart beauty pure black hair dyeHave you been dreaming of having jet-black locks like your favorite celebrity? Or you have been finding a way of changing the color of your blonde hair. If let Smart beauty show you how.

Well, I’m glad to tell you that your dream can become a reality using our Smart beauty pure black or sapphire black hair dye. Black is a bold and nice color that offers various options when it comes to accessories. However, it’s critical you know the things listed below before applying a black dye.

1. Multiple Application of Dye May be Needed

Qudos to scientific innovations and advancements. Permanent hair dyes are now readily available and easy to use. These types of hair dyes are more healthy for application compared to what we were used to. Here at Smart Beauty, we really care about your hair, so in our Smart Beauty pure black permanent and Smart Beauty sapphire black permanent hair dye, we have added Smart-plex.

Smart-plex is what we add to help protect your hair against damage and breakage, rebuilds your hair’s natural structure and restores your hairs strength, suppleness, and volume. A typical plex treatment would cost an extra $10 to $50 from a drugstore or salon, making Smart Beauty Color Plex excellent value for money.

With these types of dyes, you can change your hair in more than two tones, which is known to be the usual recommendation by hairstylists

It is important to note that no miracle is guaranteed despite the quality of the permanent hair dyes. For instance, if you have light blonde hair, you may need more than one round of dyeing to achieve the black hair you’ve always dreamt about.

The beautiful thing about Smart Beauty’s pure black and sapphire black hair dyes are produced with Smart-plex so that your hair gets conditioned and strengthened alongside getting that glossy black hair you have dreamed of.

We are vegan friendly too, none of our products are tested on animals and we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint too.

2. Different Shades of Black Hair Dye Are Available

Unlike popular belief, there are various shades of black hair dye. These dyes come in various hues. It can range from pure black to blue-black. You have to know what works best for your hair. Knowing your natural hair coloring is an easy way to determine the right hue for your hair.

Suppose you have a pink or bluish undertone. You may want to consider selecting our Smart Beauty sapphire black permanent hair dye with more warmth because the color could flatter your type of complexion. Warm and rich colors are often considered appropriate for fair skin looks. If you have a medium complexion, you should consider opting for the Smart beauty pure black permanent hair dye.

Also, it is better to avoid warm colors if you have skin with a golden undertone. Black dyes with color shades are excellent for warm-colored skins.

3. Regular Maintenance is Needed

Like every type of dyed hair, your black-colored hair also needs to be maintained. You need to pay more attention to your dyed hair for it to keep looking fabulous.

An excellent way to maintain your hair is by using color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. It will keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

You can also make use of hair masks to protect and strengthen individual fibers, thereby avoiding split ends and making your hair shiny. Using our Smart Beauty 10 benefits in one hair treatment blow dry express can help your keep your black hair glossy and luscious for longer


Does black hair dye cause hair damage?

Our Black hair dyes don’t cause damage to the hair itself, due to our Smart-plex ingredients, but products used in removing black hair dyes can cause hair damage.

Can black hair dye be removed?

Yes, you can remove a black hair dye. However, the process can be complicated. Thus, you will need professional help for proper removal.

Does black hair dye slow down hair growth?

No. Black hair dye does not slow down hair growth and with our Smart-plex it will reduce the breakage of the dyed hair.

Now that you understand what Smart Beauty black hair dye can do to your hair, you shouldn’t be scared to use it on your hair. Using Smart Beauty pure black or sapphire black permanent hair dye with Smart-plex can help you achieve your dream black glossy locks.