Verleihe Deinem braunen Haar mit unserer Premium-Farbauswahl neuen Glanz

Die Palette von Smart Beauty ist perfekt für alle, die braunes oder schwarzes Haar haben und neue Farben ausprobieren oder ihren aktuellen Farbton intensivieren möchten. Je heller Deine natürliche Haarfarbe ist, desto auffälliger ist das Farbergebnis.

Hinweis: Smart Blond eignet sich hervorragend, um bei dunkleren Haaren farbintensive Strähnchen hinzuzufügen, die Deinem Look eine zusätzliche Raffinesse verleihen.

Für braunes Haar
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Zeigt alle 3 Ergebnisse

Black hair dye gives 100 percent professional grey coverage. Black hair dye leaving the hair soft, silky, and full of shine. Black Hair Dye is the USA’s largest shade choice. The black hair dye collection is Ideal for the first time home hair color Black hair dye gives you a Complete natural hair color treatment. Black permanent/semi-permanent hair dye that will help you to achieve a refreshing color and glossy result. The product enriches your hair’s natural beauty and visibly improves your hair’s look and feel. The formula enhances the shine and leaves the hair looking revitalised. We have a wide range of hair colors available include Black/Blue Sapphire Permanent Hair Dye, Creamy Blonde Plex Permanent Hair Color, Espresso Brown Permanent Hair Dye, Pure Black Hair Dye.

What do you get when you combine a color system that works as well as salon brands with all the convenience of a home hair color kit? Simple. You get Hair Black, the USA’s biggest shade choice in home hair color. The Black Hair dye collection is ideal for first-time home hair color or touch-up. The black hair dye collection gives you a completely natural hair color treatment with 100% Grey coverage, leaving your hair soft, silky, and shiny. Offering rich, vibrant colors for darker complexions, as well as subtle, natural-looking tones for fairer skin tones. Easy to apply at home. unlike some professional dyes, so that you can achieve an instant transformation in just minutes.

Black Hair Dye archives is a superior hair color that permanently eliminates grey, refreshing and enhancing your natural color. With over 5 shades of professional hair dye, you’re guaranteed to find a color that’s good for you. Black Hair Dye in award-winning packaging works well with all hair types and is perfect for the first-time home color.

BLACK HAIR DYE is the most popular hair dye in the country! Black Hair Dye gives you a complete grey coverage hair color. 100% professional hair color. The black hair dye collection is ideal for first-time home coloring. The collection includes three single dyes, which give you complete grey coverage.